Facebook giving Social Media the power of art for your marketing

Have you ever observed the amount of time that you spend on Facebook? Notice all you do while just “hanging out…”? And how much of that time is spent on mobile devices? There are 989 million Facebook users visiting from mobile phones and tablets. This has opened up a great opportunity for businesses to create fun and interesting promotions to catch the eye of prospective clients who spend their viewing time on their phones.

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The power of the Hashtag in marketing cannot be beat
Hashtag: Clickable, Searchable, & Measurable grouped items, used in many Social Media outlets. Distinguished by (#) the pound sign before a word or group of words.

The Hashtag - it quickly became a buzzword and can now be found in most social media settings - started as a simple idea back in 2007 when Chris Messina @ChrisMessina posted a simple message:

How do you feel about using (#) pound for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]?”

Not only did Twitter not see the value in this, but it took years to catch on. The first big splash for the # sign was during the San Diego fires in 2007 when #sandiegofire, became the first viral hashtag.

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After years of waiting and asking,
on December 11, 2014 Facebook announced 
easy-to-use, strategically placed “Call To Action
buttons on their business pages!
So what are these and what do they mean to you and your business? 
Beginning in January, an easy to use button appeared in your header, reading  “Edit Call To Action”. Simple to edit, simple to use:

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