All business deals, all relationship connections, all win-win transactions, are at their core selling. The clichés “We are all salesman,” and “Sales is the transfer of enthusiasm,” come to mind. How true is this? Is it really applicable across the board? I submit that it is!”

What is a sale? What does it take to sell? Or more specifically - what is the process which one must follow to create a sale? The basics are 4-fold.

For a door-to-door salesman, you could define the process in these words:

1) get inside the home,
2) build need,
3) build value,
4) close.

For a car salesman:


1) build credibility with the customer,
2) build need for your car,
3) build value in your car & company,
4) get the deal signed & done.


For a wedding proposal:

1)  persuade significant other you are worth their attention
2)  encourage significant other to prefer a committed relationship rather than none
3)  convince significant other you are the most preferred person for them
4)  ask for and receive verbal acknowledgement of desire for matrimony

In general terms:

1) Engage with a person – get their interest and prove credible enough they’ll listen to you
2) Help that person see/visualize a perceived need
3) Persuade that person that your product or service will satisfy that need
4) Take action to get something done today! Give it a time frame for completion.

These terms are general – but the process is specific. It must be followed in all honest transactions. This is a bold statement! Is it true, or hyperbole?! Read on and determine for yourself.

For you to even open your mind to this concept, you must have already determined that I, the author of this piece, am credible and somewhat experienced in this field. Otherwise, why would you read on? So you see the process unfolding even in this simple act of reading.

Is understanding this process valuable for you? Will simplifying – cutting out the unnecessary and superfluous – allow you and your team to create more profit with the same or fewer time/effort/resources? Would you prefer people on your team follow a simple proven system, or just wing it? Or even worse - rise to the ‘level of their incompetence’? (see the book “The Peter Principle”)


I submit that this simple process is the core of all win-win transactions – not just in business dealings, but all across the board and throughout our lives - from a parent teaching a child how to cook or clean, to a multi-million dollar international business deal. In the whole history of humanity, where has progress been made without these building blocks present?

I challenge you: Analyze your experience - think of a time when you were on either the giving or receiving end, when any deal was done, and see if these 4 elements were not present. They may not have been explicitly stated, the deal may have been large or small, at home or in business, but you will see each of them at work!

I invite you: Use these 4 core principles to allow you to simplify your business and your life.

My hope and purpose: May you create more power to persuade & be persuaded in your daily efforts to give & receive value!

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