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It’s long been said that The Fortune is in the Follow-Up!

So the reality of the concept certainly isn’t new, and it certainly isn’t an earth shattering concept either…so one is perplexed as to why actual follow-up process is such an uphill battle!

Andy Paul, the author of Zero-Time Selling said, “The ART of sales follow-up is less important that the ACT of sales follow-up. Get in the game first, and then work on your craft.” In this regard we should apply the slogan of NIKE – “Just Do It”, or incorporate Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s Habit One, “Be Proactive!”   Of course the point, or end result, of what Andy Paul is saying here is that the advantage of forging forward with the follow-up creates momentum and leads to tremendous results – rather than doing what the average salesperson does, which is simply to not follow-up, period!

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Every wonder how some people in business just seem to land all the great deals? Do you notice these same people seem to know everyone in your local business community? Every one of these people has one thing in common; they network.

Business networking is using business and personal relations to bring you a consistent stream of new business and resources. It is how people get things done in the modern world. From sales to project collaboration, the best networkers usually have the highest success rate in their profession. So how does one network?

Business networking is more than showing up at networking functions, shaking everyone’s hand and collecting a plethora of business cards. It is about getting out of your office and finding like-minded people who you can connect with and start relationships with. Some of these relationships will yield immediate results and others will grow over time. The important thing is that you are constantly meeting new people. Where do you find these “like minded people?”

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