what is marketing without business, integrate them today

Merging marketing into almost everything you do is very simple and highly rewarding, resulting in a regular stream of new prospects that are magnetically attracted to you.

The problem for most smaller businesses is that they don’t really know how to correctly market themselves because they were never taught how to do it very well. Do you spend enough time, effort, and money at marketing? Your long-term business success is dependent upon it. Have you successfully promoted your business, differentiating yourself from your competitors?


This series on Integrated Marketing Strategies will show you scores of very powerful marketing techniques you can easily implement, and are inexpensive yet effective. In fact, many of the ideas will be totally free. You’ll be able to leverage yourself more effectively.

What do I mean by leveraging? Well, for instance, if you record your sales presentation or seminar on a product or service (you could give it to an individual or a small group) you can easily break that recording into a series of 3 to 5 minute mini talks and e-mail short .mp3 audio files to your data base. Those receiving it, in turn, are encouraged to pass the recordings on to their friends (viral marketing) who contact you for the additional information you offer at the end of each .mp3. Now you’re getting the word out. Once you have enough mini-talks, you can put them on a CD and send to additional prospects.

Even better, each segment can be transcribed and quickly made into a short article that is posted to your website and sent to one or more of the e-zines with a link back to your site. Once you have a collection of transcripts, you can create a white paper…and even a book. You get the idea. All of these represent excellent opportunities to get more clients. And this is not even taking into account the dozens of additional ways you can repurpose your original talk.

Over the months ahead we’ll focus on each of the individual items, as well as many more, within the above graphic. I’m going to go into much greater detail in the January issue.

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