Impact your business by branding with colors

Do you consider the colors you use when marketing your business? Do you think that a green logo could improve the way customers look at you?


The color of FedEx is blue, yet its competitor UPS is brown, McDonald’s is red and yellow, while Burger King is red and orange.


How much affect does color choice have on consumers in general, and your customers in particular? Understanding the importance of correct use of colors in your business and your business’s personality is vital in creating a positive image to your prospective and current customers. The colors you use can create emotions, stimulate senses, and even initiate a need to purchase.

The opposite is also true - if you use the wrong color in the wrong situation, you can turn prospective buyers off. Some colors in small doses stimulate the senses that make you want to buy. But when used in large amounts can have the exact opposite effect. Every business has its own personality, its own customer base and its budding brand. What you desire your customers to think should determine what colors you use and the correct intensity and color quantity.


When choosing colors to brand your business, it is important to have a main color and a complimentary color that focuses on important points. In this issue we will look at the colors green and orange. The positive and the negative aspects of each color, then we will find a way to use the positive traits of both to create a brand that will not only be memorable, but give prospective customers the urge to buy.



The color green creates balance and harmony. It brings peace of mind to your emotions, while creating equilibrium between your heart and your head.


Imagine using the theory of yoga in branding your business. Green would be calming to your core, restoring energy to a depleted body. Green is also the color of growth and nature. It creates a sense of calm and quiet - think about the sound of dew running off the morning leaf. Your brand is now a sanctuary to prospective customers.


Green is also the color of finance. When customers see a strong green logo it tells your customers that your company is financially secure. Seeing green gives a sense of prosperity and makes one think they can have the same sense of financial comfort. Creating a combination of green and yellow, or green and blue will cause mental clarity and an optimistic point of view.


Now that we have made you feel secure and calm in your business and your finances, let’s focus on the negatives values of green. Large amounts of green or multiple shades of green feel greedy and possessive. You don't want your customers to feel like they are being controlled by overbearing colors. I think we should go back to feeling a sense of calm and security. Luring them in with a positive emotion works much better than forcing a negative one.



Orange is a complicated color. Never use orange without caution. It has great power that can move potential customers in either direction. Orange is a bright and cheerful color that makes you happy, and happy customers will hang around longer and spend more money. When packaged in orange, products appear more affordable, stand out in a crowd of other products and say in a playful and gentle manner, “Buy Me.”


However, when used in abundance it can appear to be cheap and lacking in quality. At its best orange can feel warm and vibrant, its energy can be fun and adventurous, with optimism and sociability. The right color of orange can stimulate the appetite and start social conversations. This is why you see Orange in restaurant décor and branding. When combined with the right colors, orange can bring class to almost any business, while still brings a touch of fun. It is one of the greater colors to use when branding your business. When you use orange correctly, it can be one of the most powerful colors in your palette.


We have touched upon two great colors and the great ways to use them in building your business. Branding and marketing are core parts of building your business and should never be taken lightly. Getting the most out of your brand is the power of great marketing.


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