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I’ve been in business for a lot of years. I started out designing websites for small businesses. This was way before open source CMS programs, and WordPress. In fact, I remember when open source content was a buzzword that scared most programmers. Now it is the norm in the world of the web. When you think of a website, you probably don’t even think about web hosting. But every website has to have a one. Many of my articles are about being a blogger, making money on your blog, and creating blogs with a positive ROI. Before you do any of these, you have to consider the steps of setting up your blog. The rules are exactly the same for setting up any website, and it all starts with web hosting and getting the best domain name.

Let’s break this down into two sections. The first one is going to be WordPress hosting and setting up your first WordPress website. Every webhost out there offers specialized hosting for a WordPress website.  This just opens us up to a lot of scamming if you are not careful. Second, let’s talk about some pro’s and con’s in web hosting options. I had to learn the hard way that there are good host and bad hosts. Do you know how to tell the difference?

So let’s get started with WordPress hosting. For those of you who have never heard of WordPress, this is a content management system (CMS) that gives everybody an easy fix to a website or blog. They are easy to set up, and easy to use (or so they say). Some of the other options for CMS are Joomla and Drupal along with many others that don’t have as much of a following. I don’t want to go into what makes them different or their similarities in this article. I have two short articles about WordPress and Joomla. In short, WordPress is great for Blogs, but I find it a little bit anti-productive for business websites. Many would disagree with me, but since I am writing this article, we are going with my personal opinion. I prefer Joomla or Drupal for business websites, and Joomla for E-zines. I have a whole department in my business that does nothing but create successful niche e-zines for companies trying to dominate in their fields.

WordPress hosting is available on just about every webhost company out there. In fact, WordPress themselves offer free hosting on their site, so let’s start our looking into WP hosting here. If you are just starting out, and you are not sure where to start, how to monetize, and how to get a blog or website up and running.

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Start at Although, if you are an established business, this would never be my first suggestion. Free webhosting at Wordpress does not offer custom domain names, they offer subset domain names such as If you are looking at your SEO, your domain name needs to be unique and seo worthy. Another great marketing ploy for WordPress hosting, are Free themes. Don’t be fooled by this ploy, just Google “Free WordPress Themes” and you will find more than you will ever need. Wordpress offers 3GB of storage, which for a basic website is more than enough, but if you are creating a blog with images and video’s you will soon discover that this doesn’t even begin to cover the storage that you need.

For $36.00 a year, you can sign up for 3GB of space with a custom domain name and custom emails. This is helpful, unless you are running a blog, soon you will run out of space. Most WordPress websites are customized through plug-ins and modules that are essential to your basic website. If each of these comes with a charge, you will soon find out that your FREE WordPress is not so FREE at all. Many WordPress themes don’t come with SEO tools standard. They want you to pay, not only for the tools, but their services as well. This can get very costly, very fast. This in not always the case, but definitely one of the things you need to keep an eye out for.

You can get more package pricing for WordPress at Just remember to look at the overall cost for the benefits that you are getting here. They do offer great support to help you get started and set up.

Webhosting is a very competitive world, and you will find that most host have similar pricing, and offers. So the trick is to look into the details before you choose. Those details are beyond the scope of this article, but when looking into hosting try and find the differences in webhost. This will help you to determine which one is best for your situation.

Things you will see at every host is similar pricing, one-click WordPress set-up (check the details on these, you could end up paying double or triple for hosting by using this option), and free website builders that are similar to Wix (The only Free website I would recommend). Once again the claim of free webhost may be misleading. Make sure you look into the format they use for free site-builder, there is a huge difference between webhost.

We are giving a no-thumb review to It is too easy to get caught up in the extra’s here. You could end up paying more than you expected. For the no frills, beginner blog this is a great option.

Blue Host

Along with all of the normal hosting options, one of the things that I found at that I didn’t see in very many hosting sites, is their student and faculty accounts. This is a great way to market students and faculty with blogs and “about me” websites. If you look past the fact that it really is just another blog set up, or basic website set up. The format they have here would be a great place to have a website to show to future employers, or for teachers to put their personalized materials on a website.

Before you purchase WordPress hosting, take a look at the options here on their shared hosting page. I would take a look at the space here, and then just put WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal on here manually.  Way better price, with better options as well. This will put some of the power of your website back in your own hands.

We are giving Blue Host a thumbs-up

West Host

I chose West Host as one of my options because of a past experience that I had with this hosting company. Although it has been many years since using them, I have since gone over their website for similarities and differences. I am very impressed with their options and layout. They have the same one-click set up options, with great SEO tools and similar prices as the other webhost.

But there was a time when I had over thirty clients on West Host and their services went dead for over a month. They did offer us temp sites about two weeks in, but the professionalism that I received was substandard. The loss of most of my clients was devastating. So no great referral from me. Use at your own risk.

Due to past experience we are giving West Host a thumbs-down.

HostGator although similar to all other websites in products and services. Prices are very comparable to the rest. I was not able to find many bad reviews here. As I said before, webhost companies are so similar to each other, the things to look at are the details. One of the details is real customer reviews, not the ones you find on their website.

Let’s take a look at their Wordpress hosting. With 50GB of storage, the limit is on the number of visitors to your website.  25K visitors a month to a blog site, is impressive to start, but for a basic business site could be a very profound start. This would be a great option for a 1-click set up for WordPress. Before limiting yourself to a specified WordPress hosted site, take a look at their shared hosting plans.

Hostgator definitely gets a thumbs-up in our book.

One of the obvious choices that we have left out is Godaddy, dreamhost, and siteground. The list is limitless. I wish I could research and review all of them. I took the top four, for WordPress hosting. At the expense of sounding like a broken record. Even though you think you want a WordPress site, look at shared hosting, and then do a 1-click install from the control panel. You may be saving yourself lots of money in the long run.

If you think your business needs something professional, and Search Engine Optimized, I suggest you pay the extra expense and hire a professional like Dark Twin Marketing to set your website up. You will thank yourself in the end. You will get what you pay for.

I would love to get some personal reviews on these and any other webhost. If you have a good or a bad experience to share, let me know. I will go and check them out and add a review to this article.

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