Get your website started with Joomla as your CMS
Have you ever been spammed many times by companies, for a website that is adaptive, responsive, CMS, etc.? All you can think is, what does this have to do with me and my business? It sounds like they are speaking some foreign language that you will never understand.

In an effort to help everyone understand what they are being offered and what it would mean to their own business, I have created a series of informational articles. In this article, I will talk about the power of a Joomla website, and the types of businesses that would benefit.

Twenty years ago, websites were very basic and very plain, but it did give us a way to reach the whole world with minimal effort. The problem was, it took trained programmers with a knowledge of ftp protocol to upload the content to servers in far away locations that we were just sure resided in space somewhere. For most of us the word "server" just sent shivers down our spines.

With time, this brought us to the age of geeky high school kids (yes, I was one of them), who started selling websites to anyone that would pay them a pretty penny to take on this task of html and ftp. By now, just about anyone with access to a high school geek, or anyone who wanted to pay top dollar to a “professional” to create a web site, could get it done. As one of those past professionals, basically we spent most of our time cleaning up the messes that were made by the beginners. This became increasingly frustrating. Prices to build respectable websites started to increase more and more as professional programmers tried to weed out the beginners. This was not a good solution for businesses.

The world wide web started growing and changing drastically, html gave way to perl, php, css, ajax, and on it went. At this point, students didn’t have time to keep up with all the new code and even the professionals had to keep learning constantly to keep up with the great new tools that the web had to offer. During this time, social media was starting to take off, and the world of businesses was changing into something that most business owners would never be able to keep up with themselves. The owners felt that this new world would never be able to help them personally, so they didn’t even try. Today I think the point has come where most entrepreneurs will tell you that they were forced to jump into the website and social media world.

In recent years some incredibly brilliant programmers started releasing CMS (Content Management Systems) programs. Two of the most successful CMS’ programs are Joomla and Wordpress. Both of these have similarities, but it is their differences that give them their value.


Although they were created for bloggers, businesses that sold websites very quickly found in these a quick and easy solution to offer their products with minimal effort. This simplicity brought back high school students, and now graphic artists, who can make websites beautiful and functional.

The world that businesses must live in today will always have a need for a presence on the web, that not only offers beauty, but gives customers interaction, entertainment, and function.

Now that we have had our history lesson, let’s take a look at one of the CMS programs. I chose to talk about Joomla first because it is by far my favorite. If I were going to create a blog format, I would probably choose a Wordpress website first, but for everything else Joomla is by far superior.

Let’s start with what it is about a Joomla web site that makes it so awesome. Whether you are one of those “Do it yourself” guru’s that is just looking for a great website builder or a “Let someone else do it” kind of person, Joomla is perfect for you. It is easy enough to set up by yourself, and most web hosts these days have a “one click” install. If you need a great web host for this, we suggest HostGator. Once your Joomla is installed, it comes with a current modern look and feel. If you don’t mind looking like a million other websites, feel free to use the basic template and go forward with your new CMS website.

Unlike a blog, your website should include the following basic parts:

·         Static information pages

·         Lead generator forms

·         User friendly menus and modules

Joomla makes all of these easy to do, and content on your pages can actually be edited from the front end of your website. So if you have no interest in how the pages got on your website (leave that to the programmers), you can still change the words, images, and even media that is viewed by your readers. All of these updates are done with a simple editor, just like using a word document program. You are in control. So even if you have a web designer that manages your website and its functionality, you can go in and change your page content with ease. No need to wait for someone else.

In today’s world, SEO is a common term, just about every business owner has to know what SEO means and how they stand on the search engines, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. The business of SEO is huge and complicated and takes a whole lot more than any “Do it yourself” person could ever handle, but Joomla does come with some ease of use for SEO. Creating your own description and keyword tags is at your fingertips.

With the ever changing world of websites, updates to your Joomla website will be required. With the new technology, you can do this with one click from your administrator panel, once again removing the need for an overpriced programmer.

Creating interaction on your website based upon your own business needs is vital to a successful website. That is why you will find thousands of extensions for your Joomla website that do everything from online Paypal invoices, to complete shopping carts, to communities. Your website is only as limited as you make it.

If you need a functional website with great tools and interaction. Joomla is your answer.

If you want more information you can find what you need at

If after reading this article you still feel like you need to pay a high priced programmer, try a reasonably priced programmer first - Me! I am for rent, but I hope that my position toward your website needs would be for mostly support and education.

By: Christy Smith

Christy is a marketing specialist with Dark Twin Marketing and a Marketing Coach and Mentor with Fortune Cookie Coaching.
She can be reached at (435) 554-8352