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great csm websites start with Joomla
Have you ever been spammed many times by companies, for a website that is adaptive, responsive, CMS, etc.? All you can think is, what does this have to do with me and my business? It sounds like they are speaking some foreign language that you will never understand.

In an effort to help everyone understand what they are being offered and what it would mean to their own business, I have created a series of informational articles. In this article, I will talk about the power of a Joomla website, and the types of businesses that would benefit.

Twenty years ago, websites were very basic and very plain, but it did give us a way to reach the whole world with minimal effort. The problem was, it took trained programmers with a knowledge of ftp protocol to upload the content to servers in far away locations that we were just sure resided in space somewhere. For most of us the word "server" just sent shivers down our spines.

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Wordpress is your CMS to become a great blogger

I love holidays. They give me a sense that the world is always willing to give and share. So in that spirit, I am going to share some great information with you.


Many of the articles I have written over the years talk about how content is key, and how you can make money with a simple blog about the things that you know and love.

Any business, from work-at-home moms to landscapers, can create a successful blog that makes money, increases current website traffic, or promotes products. It doesn’t really matter what your subject matter is, as long as you create content that others want. Getting started is easy and doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

We start this process with one of the greatest tools intended for bloggers. Wordpress. At the risk of being lengthy I am going to cover some of the basics of Wordpress. What is Wordpress? And how do we use it?


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Just a few years ago, web developers came to an age of mobile responsive website design that allowed a unified code for PC driven and mobile driven displays. It was the dawn of a new era for web development offering a whole new realm of possibilities over a decade in the making. Some in the industry saw HTML5 as an evolutionary jump that wouldn’t be rivaled for another decade.


Now after only a couple of years, the industry has been exposed to the growing popularity of parallax design. Parallax website design is an effect that displays the background of a website layout at a different rate as the foreground when scrolling up or down. It creates a feel of interactivity with many story-telling implications. Many are calling it the next step in user experience.

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Best Wordpress Hosting and small business web host

The best webhost for the job.

I’ve been in business for a lot of years. I started out designing websites for small businesses. This was way before open source CMS programs, and WordPress. In fact, I remember when open source content was a buzzword that scared most programmers. Now it is the norm in the world of the web. When you think of a website, you probably don’t even think about web hosting. But every website has to have a one. Many of my articles are about being a blogger, making money on your blog, and creating blogs with a positive ROI. Before you do any of these, you have to consider the steps of setting up your blog. The rules are exactly the same for setting up any website, and it all starts with web hosting and getting the best domain name.

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The Age of Mobile Marketing is here

It’s easy to forget what life was like before the smart phone. When we had to look up directions to a location before we left our house. When we couldn’t look up a business phone number while we were on the road. It’s easy to forget what we did in waiting rooms before we had the entire Internet at our fingertips, every minute of every day.


Since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, life has changed at rapid speed. Before this time, websites were viewed only on actual desktop or laptop computer screens. “Mobile-responsive” wasn’t even a phrase yet. Just about eight years later, Google has now issued a standard of having a mobile-friendly website. The penalty of not meeting this standard is your website being taken out of mobile search results.

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