Bill picks up the phone. He thumbs through the phone book, and sees that quarter-page ad you posted. This is the fifth time he’s tried calling you. He dials your number, and the phone rings. And rings. And rings. A less patient man would have hung up long ago, but Bill just happens to have time today. Finally, that receptionist of yours picks up the phone. But she’s having a bad day; she and her boyfriend are fighting again. Bill asks her some questions. She, meanwhile, doesn’t feel the motivation to do more than answer them. In fact, she might even be a little rude today, (but you’re not watching, so who cares, right?) She neglects to take his number or even his name. Displeased with the service and the information she gives him, he hangs up without booking, but not before mentioning that he’s in fact Mr. Bill of Big Money Industries and would have been willing to pay big money for the job. He then proceeds to call that competitor of yours who was also your sports rival in high school.


If this sounds like actual nightmares you’ve had, you’re probably a business owner or manager. Now most billionaires probably don’t bother much with phone books these days, but the sad truth is calls like this happen every day in companies just like yours, and unless you have a staff of cheery robots, chances are it has happened to you. But as long as you aren’t there to babysit them, you can never know for sure just how many times it has happened, right?

What would your business look like if your best 50 clients referred just one buying customer to you?

Call Tracking is a system and process that records your company’s phone calls and helps you understand what is happening when people dial your number. You can have access to a plethora of useful data critical to knowing where your company’s dollars are going.

Recommended Call Tracking features:

Recorded phone calls that can be easily filtered by date, department, length of the call, and the call’s result.

A staff of real-live people listening to your calls 24/7 and categorizing each one by call result.

An easy way to track which advertisement sources, such as websites, phone books, and fliers, are being used the most and which ones are just money drains.

Summary reports that will tell you how many calls were missed, how many customers were booked or not booked, which advertising source people are calling from, and more!

Now, Call Measurement and Tracking isn’t right for everyone. It might not be a good fit for you if you:

  • Have time to sit by your customer service representatives every single time they answer the phone to make sure they don’t say anything wrong.
  • Don’t mind customers calling your company seven times before finally reaching the right person.
  • Have a staff full of perfect people who never mess up on anything or make mistakes that could damage your company or its reputation.
  • Can afford to let substantial numbers of potential new customers hang up and start looking somewhere else.
  • Don’t want to know how many people are actually looking at that obscure advertisement source you’re paying hundreds of dollars for.
  • Like staying blissfully unaware of where your money is going in terms of advertising, staff payroll, and phone lines.

However, if you don’t meet the criteria listed above, you might consider implementing call tracking for your company.

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