The small business of finding people
I am a people hunter.  Before you get the wrong idea, let me clarify by saying I’m a vegetarian, do yoga, and am non-violent (except for pummeling punching bags during kickboxing classes or obliterating the occasional black widow in my garage).  My style of hunting involves locating people, generally to interview them and prepare reports, never to harm them. 

Sometimes locates are for other reasons, such as process service, finding missing heirs, biological parents or children, and tracking down people who have skipped out on child support or other bills.

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Making a business out of ancestors
As a solopreneur, I wear many hats. Who am I kidding: I wear all the hats! Like many solopreneurs, I excel in some areas and struggle in others, but I am always learning and willing to adjust my behaviors and try new strategies around meeting new people who need my services. My goal is to be introduced to new people every day, to get them excited about my business, and to persuade them to work with me. In order for me to do that, I must know exactly what my clients need. What is the void that I can fill?

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What is a blog? CMS for your blog and content marketing

So I finally reached that point in my life where I have jumped off the 50 cliff in grand style.  Over the past 27 years I have yearned to learn. My choices in knowledge pursuit just happened to be in the fast-paced ever-changing world of digital technology, and all of the schooling offered was always years behind the actual technology… I sought the knowledge that I yearned for, from university, out of books, web sites, YouTube videos, and professional blogs. I have spent years and years perfecting my skill.

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Business success tip: Focus on this one thing

The internet is full of business advice, marketing secrets and tips that are said to make your business operate perfectly and bring a high return on your investments. But, in my years of experience as a business coach, I’ve come to realize there is just one thing you need to know to succeed in business.

The Success Secret you Need

So what is this success secret you can’t miss? Put simply, it’s that as you build value, your profit will automatically increase.

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improve your business writing

Consider how you can use legacy writing to help yourself – personally and in your business.


Consider how you can use legacy writing to help yourself – personally and in your business.
As a business owner/entrepreneur you undoubtedly have life, health, and key-man insurance. Why? So the business continues in the event of something unforeseen.
What type of insurance do you have for the legacy you leave behind? There are two types of legacy I’m speaking about here:
1. The personal legacy presented in the video
2. The business legacy of goodwill and continuity that you and your employees give to your customers


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The best kept secret to increase your business income
Almost everyone today is seeking a side income to supplement the higher costs of living! Hence the popularity of companys like UBER, AIR BNB, AMAZON & EBAY just to name a few. Then there are new ones like TASKGRABBER (a mobile marketplace for people to hire others to do various jobs and tasks) and DOGTASTIC (shared dog sitting services) along with; LYFT, Turo, GET AROUND and LIQUID (car or bike sharing). There are more of these companies coming online every year!

The Best Kept SecretThe Best Kept Secret for Passive Income

Your business has a story to tell about success

As we enter December I want to say “kudos” to my fellow business professionals and entrepreneurs. Most of you have more than survived 2015, and you will be celebrating the upcoming 2016 with gusto.  Getting to where you are today has probably not been without its trials… and errors. But, like most of us, you have learned from your mistakes and enjoyed successes.

What, specifically, have you learned this past year? What events are noteworthy? What would you want to tell someone so they could profit from your experiences?

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What would your business look like if your best 50 clients referred just one buying customer to you?
Your best 25 clients?
Even your best 10 clients?
Naturally, we’d all welcome these new customers, and we’d all make more money if this was the case. Well...have you asked your best clients for these referrals? As simple as it may sound, very few businesses have a standing referral-generation process in place! This process can be as simple as just asking one simple question: “Who do you know who would also benefit from our lawn service?”
This article is meant to be a basic primer on how to capture one of the most lucrative and easily-accessed market segments out there – the referral market.

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Bill picks up the phone. He thumbs through the phone book, and sees that quarter-page ad you posted. This is the fifth time he’s tried calling you. He dials your number, and the phone rings. And rings. And rings. A less patient man would have hung up long ago, but Bill just happens to have time today. Finally, that receptionist of yours picks up the phone. But she’s having a bad day; she and her boyfriend are fighting again. Bill asks her some questions. She, meanwhile, doesn’t feel the motivation to do more than answer them. In fact, she might even be a little rude today, (but you’re not watching, so who cares, right?) She neglects to take his number or even his name. Displeased with the service and the information she gives him, he hangs up without booking, but not before mentioning that he’s in fact Mr. Bill of Big Money Industries and would have been willing to pay big money for the job. He then proceeds to call that competitor of yours who was also your sports rival in high school.

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Do you have what it takes to build a business

Once upon a time, starting a business was a simple process. You only needed a good idea, start-up capital, and some self-discipline. However, gone are the days where simplicity reigned supreme. Complicated legalities are now an unfortunate evil every business must contend with. No matter how brilliant your idea may be, if you don’t have your legal bases covered, you stand to lose everything by the first lawsuit or IRS audit. It’s important to remember - ignorance of the law is not a legitimate defense.

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