successful businesses start with successful family

This is first in a series devoted to helping you enhance your business.

Please read it from the perspective of learning another key factor that can positively or negatively affect your business success. More importantly, your health and happiness, as well as that of your family and friends, may also be at stake.

Have you ever given thought to the real benefits of a strong, healthy marriage, or to the surprising costs of divorce? Not just how they might affect you personally, but their impact upon your business as well? It turns out that there are many positive reasons not only to get married, but also to work hard to stay married.

They include, but are hardly limited to:
• Married couples tend to be healthier and less stressed and enjoy longer, happier lives.
• Marriage [verses remaining single or living together] increases financial stability.
• Happily married employees are more stable and make fewer job changes. They also relate better to co-workers and superiors.
• Children raised in stable households with married parents feel more secure and are more likely to develop stable relationships later in life.
• Children raised in stable families experience significant financial and educational advantages over those in single parent families and are far more likely to succeed.
• Sharing financial and child-rearing responsibilities and increases opportunities for all members of the family, and lessens stress in all areas of life, including:
• Emotional
• Social
• Financial
• Educational
The problem with divorce is that it is not only common, but also very expensive to everyone involved. Even so-called no fault divorces take a huge financial and emotional toll on all parties (especially children). Unfortunately, the pain doesn’t end there. Divorcing couples lose time from work for meetings with lawyers, court appointments, and child care. They also tend to be distracted at work, making them significantly less productive and more prone to costly errors.


Note: Only 10 percent of couples who successfully complete a course in premarital counseling end in divorce.

In future articles, as well as my three courses on building a successful marriage and family, I will discuss:
• what every couple needs to know before they marry
• the secrets of achieving marital success
• how to love, raise, and discipline healthy, happy children

Dr Gretz has provided marriage and family counseling services since 1978, shortly after completing his doctor of philosophy at Brigham Young University.

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