A negative mind will never give you a positive outcome.

There is always a better house.  There is always a better neighborhood.  There is always a better job/career.  The tendency of many people is to pursue a thing only until something better comes along, and then start over again.


Are you personally making decisions based on this bigger-fish syndrome? Becoming clear-minded is a choice. It’s sad to observe, but many people either choose confusion & failure, or have never learned the tools to overcome negative attitudes.


The key to this clear-minded overhaul is commitment. As you shift your thought process from negative to positive, you’re going to make mistakes. There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s just a fact of life. Rome wasn’t built in a day after all. Old negative habits may creep up on you from time to time, but don’t let small failures, or even big ones, shake your commitment to becoming peaceful and clear-headed.

Take some time in front of the mirror – mentally evaluate the things you think or do that drag you down. Are you overly critical of yourself or others? Do you stress over problems that are outside of your control? Do you dwell on past failures? Take a complete inventory of yourself. What are your good qualities? Are you smart? Funny?

Policing your thoughts is no easy task. Take small steps in controlling your thoughts, such as the following:

Start with eliminating negative language. Do you really need to verbally beat yourself up? As you remove negative language, you’ll notice negative thoughts will begin to fade. Instead of thinking of scenarios of disaster, think of scenarios where Murphy’s Law is absent.


Then start adding positive language - whether it’s praise for yourself & others, or just noticing simple pleasures of a nice day. Don’t be afraid to smile just because something bad may happen. Be willing to accept the truth about yourself and then go out and fix it.


Write down the things you want changed the most so you don’t lose focus.


Tell 12 others what you’re doing so you have people to be accountable to. Take care who you ask because skeptics won’t be as helpful as upbeat & encouraging people.


Walk or exercise to clear your mind. In a world of constant media bombardment, it’s no wonder our thoughts can become muddled & disoriented.


Try to discover underlying causes for the bad habits you’re trying to kick. If you understand the causes, you’ll be able to identify triggers and learn how to cope with them.

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