Does your business have purpose, learn how to profit
I live in the Salt Lake City area of Utah that is surrounded by beautiful mountains that are within 15 minutes of my home. It provides a great place to find inspiration and take a nice break away from the distractions of my home office.

This past week I packed my lunch, a chair, a journal, my profit plan from January, a blank profit plan and I headed up to the mountains. I spent the afternoon in this inspiring environment revisiting the first half of the year, thinking about what I want to create the rest of the year. I then tweaked and rewrote my profit plan, laid out some new goals and feel absolutely energized about the rest of the year.

July 1st starts the second half of the year. Where are you on the goals for your business?

• Have you reached any of them yet?
• Are you off track?
• Has your business model changed in any way since January?
• Do you need to tweak your plan?
• Do you even have a plan…hmmm?

As we enter into the 3rd quarter of the year (or any quarter) it is essential that you look at where you are at with your plan. If there are changes that need to be made to create stellar results as you head into the home stretch of the year, it’s better to make them sooner rather than later. Duh, right? But how many people overlook the powerful process of planning in their business?


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Unveil the three steps to discover your purpose for profitsAnnette Pieper is a Business Growth Expert, Author, Coach, Trainer and Speaker. She is President of the High Impact Success Training firm, Vision 2 Reality Training.
Annette has over 20 years of coaching, consulting and training expertise, is author of the upcoming book Conquering Success Mountain and co-author of the bestselling book Step Into Your Vision. She helps thousands of people across the globe through her powerful programs. Annette helps small business owners get out of their own way, create unique strategic and tactical business plans and systems, and kicks their butt into gear through action accountability.


Here are 5 steps to get your 180 day plan together for the last half of the year:

1. Begin with the end in mind. What is the desired result? How much profit do you want to have made on December 31st? How many clients or customers will you have or products sold?

2. What are your revenue producing strategies? How much do you charge for each product or service? How many do you plan to sell each month to reach your desired result?

3. Do you have a budget? Each revenue producing strategy is going to require an investment; either financial or time or both to get it where you want it to be. How are you budgeting your finances to cover expenses? How are you budgeting your time?

4. Do you know exactly where you are starting from? You must know where you currently are in your revenue, cash flow and time in order to map out where you are going. Can you imagine planning a vacation and not know where you are starting from? How on earth are you going to know how to get where you want to go or if you have enough funds to get there if you don’t know your starting point?

5. How much time are you spending on revenue generating activities? What do you need to change in your business so that your time is spent on what makes you money? Who do you need on your team to take care of non-revenue producing activities so that you can focus? What resources do you need?

The questions in these steps are a good place to begin. However, many times our great intentions for a strategy to create our profit plan ends up being the “not getting it done because you’re distracted with all the other details of running a business so it goes on the back burning strategy”.

If the latter is your strategy, be sure to find someone to coach you through the profit planning process and can provide a done-with-you strategy. We offer just such a program so feel free to contact us if you need assistance or we can share other resources too. When you lay out your profit plan I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what you can create and how much focus you will have with a well laid plan. Remember, bigger profits are the result of a great plan and bold action.

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