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Notice how everyone wants to be a blogger, but only the diligent and strong make money at it. Talk with any SEO company and they will tell you that a blog is essential to the success of any website. This has all become even more important with the changes in Googles Penguin algorithm. Aside from business websites, there are millions of people who are making money by just running successful blogs on the subjects they are passionate about.

 Blogs are the number one way to improve SEO on your website, they are the best way to inform and educate consumers. Do you think this is the time for you to either add a blog to your business website, or even become a blogger? Now is the time to take the next step into writing a successful blog. This article isn’t intended to show you all the great reasons why you should be a blogger, but more how to become a great blogger.

Google looks for websites that are updating on a regular basis. If you never update your site with new content, they can only assume that you have nothing new to say and your website usually slips down to the bottom of the index.

The task of finding your hot topic

You may think you have a ton of great subjects for your new blog and you can’t wait to tell the world. Before you jump in full speed ahead here are a few ideas for you to remember.

  1. Just because a topic is awesome to you, does not mean that others will agree.
  2. Blogs should always inform or educate. If you are ranting about something you did this week, not many will stick around long enough to get to the punchline.
  3. Your title is the first chance to catch the attention of your reader.
  Be the teacher inside of you, but make sure you are going to have students to teach or you defeat the purpose of your time.


Social Media Marketing

One of my favorite ways to get subject matter for my articles and blogs is to go to Facebook and twitter and find out what people are talking about.  It is a great excuse for spending time on social media with your clients and prospective consumers.

Twitter has a great tool on the left-hand side. It will tell you what the current trending topics on Twitter are for that moment. Go in and look on different days of the week and different times of the day to see if you can find some ideas that relate to your expertise. If you are looking for a great tool to use here, I suggest The have the highest used tag in real time. This is a paid social media marketing website, but for your purpose all you need is the search function at the top of the page. If you would like to learn more about RiteTag, I will have indepth articles in the future about this and other great web tools.

Sometimes when I am surfing through my social media, I find the most intriguing ideas that don’t have anything to do with my business at all. But with a little tweeking and some fun, I can usually find a great way to integrate my products and services to those off the wall ideas. Keep an open mind and have some fun.


If you have ever followed me I write a lot about the power and use of keywords. In the world-wide web, just about everything is based around your keywords. You use them for SEO, marketing, keyword research and indexing. They are used in hashtags, social media, and search engines. Every project should start with researched keywords.

Before looking for your hot topic, find your best keywords. SEO is based on keywords and keyword research. So, you should start your blog the same way. The best reason for having a blog is to help increase the SEO on your website. If you are using a blog as a source of income, high traffic is essential to making money.

The best way to find keywords is with your Google Adwords Keyword planner. If you have never used this tool, I suggest you introduce yourself. It has so many useful purposes to help you with SEO. Because this is not an SEO article, I won’t go into any specifics other than to say, “go take a look”.

At this point you should have your subject matter and the matching keywords. These are the two basic ingredients to you hot topic. Once you know what you want to accomplish, all you need to do is find a subject that includes your main keyword, intrigues readers to come and read. This may sound simple but even after 15 years of writing, I still struggle to come up with the best titles.  Take your time, and play with the words who knows you may have the next trend on twitter.

Happy writing!

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