Your business blog needs the best web host
One of the most frequent questions I am ask from new bloggers is “How do I choose the best web site host?” Although this may sound simple, the task can be daunting. Unless you have ever tried to start a blog where you not only promote your business, which you can always just add to your current website, but one that can give you the power and functionality to make money on your blog while keeping cost down.

Before we look at choosing a host, let’s take a quick look at income and expenses of a business blog.

Making Money with your blog

Obviously when you start a blog with the purpose of making money, your income and your expenses are the most important aspect of getting started. But don’t be fooled by the ads of free web hosting. There are many programs where you can start your blog for free, but what they don’t tell you is that for every functionality that you want to add to your business blog, you will run into an expense. Those expenses start to add up quickly.

Also on the same lines of finding a place to host your blog, look beyond the money at functionality. If you plan on making money with your blog you need to make sure you have room to grow. Google offers a great free blogging service with BlogSpot, but the service can be very clunky and limited. It is a great blog to get started with, maybe learn some of the tips and tricks, but when you out grow it and it is time to upgrade you can lose most of your readers when you move from one host to the other.

This brings up another great point. Moving from one host to the next because you didn’t make the best choice in the beginning can be very costly.

Let’s move back to your income. How do you make an income with your blog?

Advertising and Affiliates

If you are lucky enough to start your blog out with a paying advertiser, consider yourself very lucky. But also consider the extended pressure you will have to face. Growing your blog takes a little bit of time. The trick is to build up enough readers to count your website traffic, create a reader data base, and start regular communication.

We won’t go into how you make your money in this article, since it is more about finding a web host, we will leave that article for another day. The concept that you need to look at, is does your blog allow for you to set up advertising on your page in more than just one location. Can you put modules on top, down the side columns as well as inside your actual blog post. When setting up your blog, this should be one of your first considerations.

Artistic Control of your Blog

When researching setting up your blog you probably ran into the choices between Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. There are many more, but these are the “Big Three”. Most bloggers choose Wordpress for their blog because 1) it is the most used blogging program and 2) there are thousands of companies that advertise Wordpress web hosting. Stop and forget everything you have ever heard. There are the options you need to look at when choosing your blog format.

Templates and blog function

Are there templates to your format that fit your style and your need? Research prices of available templates before you get set on a format.

Does your template allow you to add social media buttons on your post (not just your blog)? Can you have control of extended functionality?

We at Dark Twin Marketing and Publications offer a complete publication program and we have chosen Joomla for our layout, but we also have extended services that bring in income that Wordpress and Drupal don’t offer easily. Unless you plan on growing beyond your blog, Wordpress is usually a great option. It does have a slight learning curve that can give any programmer a headache, but for simple blogs it is a great choice. As a warning, look closely at the Wordpress hosting, you will find yourself paying more money in the end in hosting just to get basic functionality.



The best web host

This is where I get to do a shameless plug. I am not paid to do promotions for any one web host but after 20 years in the business of building blogs I have been through multiple web site host.

I started with an overpriced host that after 6 years of loyalty, would allow my sites to go down for weeks at a time and every time I complained my price seemed to go up. They always told me that the price was for a more stable server. By the time I left, I was paying over $80 a month, so I was gone. This company is still in business today. I assume they are still manipulating the system to their benefit.

I then moved my blogs to Blogspot, but that was back in the olden days when they offered the only free option. That lasted less than a year, I needed much more functionality. I still think that this is a great option for those bloggers that do this as a hobby or for families.

When looking for a blog web host, look at these things:

  • Do they offer one step set up (this will come from your Cpanel)
  • How much space and bandwidth do they offer (once you start uploading images, this can grow quickly)
  • Does your web host offer beginner programs with room to grow into more advanced program’s?
Now I’m going to do a quick shameless plug. For the past 7 years, I have used Hostgator as my web site host. I have multiple blogs that have functions that take them beyond the traditional blog (we call them publications). I have never had any of my sites go down and they have always accommodated forhe my business growth. The prices they offer have always been fair, and every time I have had a question or an issue, their online chat personnel have been able to answer my questions and solve my problems.

The best advice I can give you is do your research, check the web for complaints and concerns, and take your time in deciding. I wish you the best of luck in your blogging adventure.

As always if you want to go big, give me a call at I love to talk and teach, so feel free to join our group of successful bloggers.