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Who sat in high school biology class and just loved every second of the class? Do you remember polar covalent bonds? If it’s been awhile let’s take a small refresher. It is when the positive ions are attracted to the negative ions to create a third bond. Think H20 making water. When brought together you have an incredibly strong bond.

What does this have to do with your business? You are the positive ion, and it is your job to create a positive environment to promote your products or services. Let’s face it there will always be negative conditions to deal with every day. It’s what you do with those negative elements to build a positive and strong relationship.

You know your business, you know yourself, so how can you create a strong environment out of both positive and negative activities that you face every day. It’s just like science.

Marketing is the positive ion that you have control over to build strong, long lasting positive relationships. Relationships with your clients and customers, your employees, and even your negative endeavors that want to challenge you every day. Marketing is all about color, images, and positive reinforcement to your business.

On a side note, did you know that the layout of and the colors of your office create. Orange décor stimulates creativity in the office.

Let’s use the psychology of colors to create a successful form of growth for your business. Your business blog should create a positive and informative marketing tool. What is the science behind this tool?


Keywords are the basis to all your online promotion. We use keywords in SEO. The correct keywords in various places on your website (Title, URL, Description, Text, etc.) will help the search engines such as Google to know what you are trying to promote online. When you take the time to research your keywords and the best places to use them, you create a positive ion in your marketing plan. If you didn’t notice, I used the work keyword, multiple times in this paragraph, which is about keywords. Under normal circumstances, I would never suggest that you do this, this is just a bit of overkill. In this case, I just made a point. Now if Google were to scan this article and count the number of uses of keyword in this article might give them an idea of what I am talking about. In this case it would be considered spamming.


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By: Christy Smith

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Content Management

The buzzword for the past year has been content management, but there seems to be multiple definitions for the word. Let’s take one minute and define the concept behind this.

Content can be a paragraph or a whole blog post with the written word, but it can also mean things like images and videos. With the power of YouTube and Vimeo it is easier today to embed a video on your website no matter what the format is you are using. And to make it even more powerful, in most cases, Google can even use the keywords from your video to give you some great bonus SEO points. Images have “alt” tags to help them along so in today’s world of the web, you are in control of your own SEO placement by using the power of content.

Stepping into promotion

Although your blog is a great tool to increase your SEO, it also gives you the best kind of content to place on all your social media. As every social media manager knows, content can be one of the hardest things to come up with on a regular basis. Now you have it. If you post on your blog daily, you can easily with the copy/paste of a link post on everything from Facebook to Twitter. Adding value to every word you write.

With each step, online the way you are building a bigger and better tool to help build your business. Just like the molecules of science. So next time you see water, remember the building blogs that you used along the way.

Stay tuned for our next installment of great tools for your blog as a business, or as a support when we talk about the best way to host your blog.