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Notice how everyone wants to be a blogger, but only the diligent and strong make money at it. Talk with any SEO company and they will tell you that a blog is essential to the success of any website. This has all become even more important with the changes in Googles Penguin algorithm. Aside from business websites, there are millions of people who are making money by just running successful blogs on the subjects they are passionate about.

 Blogs are the number one way to improve SEO on your website, they are the best way to inform and educate consumers. Do you think this is the time for you to either add a blog to your business website, or even become a blogger? Now is the time to take the next step into writing a successful blog. This article isn’t intended to show you all the great reasons why you should be a blogger, but more how to become a great blogger.

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Helping you find honor in advertising and marketing for SEO and business growth

In the world of advertising, we think of the methods that it takes to get our products in front of consumers where they in turn see value in it and choose to purchase. Although the definition is correct, it doesn’t even begin to cover what advertising and marketing in today’s world means. We now have content marketing, news, magazines, social media and the traditional forms of radio and television as an outlet to get our information out. Over the last 10 years I have seen a change not only in marketing but in ethics and honor. We are now competing against traditional opponents, a global economy, hackers who are interested in stealing our identities, and my new favorite, “Fake News”.

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Your social media marketing starts with live video

I am terribly sad this week, I just found out that my favorite podcast has gone off the air. In my defense, I am very old and podcasts and talk radio were huge in my time, so what is a podcast you say? Well if you go to Google Play, or I-tunes, you will notice a tab that says podcast. These are radio talk shows without the radio, available by subscription. Yes, I realize that this is a little strange, but they really did have their place in the sun, although short lived. One of my hero’s, John Lee Dumas of entrepreneurs on fire. He made podcasts an art form. But the time has come to put away my podcast and grow with the times.

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Getting more ideal clients is a key to great success in any endeavor. Most businesses get new customers (clients, patients, followers) the hard way by beating the bushes using traditional methods. While such methods can be successful, they make it harder than it needs to be by not having a well thought out, multi-faceted, integrated approach to business building. Those businesses that do it the right way get huge returns from their marketing efforts and are able to enjoy all of the benefits of having a successful enterprise.

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